Administrative procedures guide

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 Administrative procedures known as a set of processes and steps necessary to complete the work, where the University should have written operating procedures and distributed among employees.

Because the University is seeking to move to electronic working environment with the need to automate information has become indispensable to reengineering business processes that deal with how the University's administrative procedures work, so as to avoid the mistakes and therefore as the University aspires to work standard and orderly, it had to h have documented work procedures and distributed among employees.

Benefits and objectives of documenting procedures

The benefits of documenting work procedures:

1.    Developing systematic and standardized methods that are applied by all

2.    Minimizing the administrative efforts exerted thus reducing cost.

3.    Ease of automating processes with an approved programmes

4.    Ease of training new employees on how to work.

5.    Ease of identifying the imbalance in the context of administrative work

6.    Reducing the time without compromising output quality.

7.    Training the concerned with the implementation of the procedures of the actions properly and equip them with appropriate expertise.

8.    Simplifying the procedures that lead to easily modulate and reduce the time needed for completion.

9.    Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of performance in  University.

10. Improving the quality of the provided service.

11. Reducing the intellectual effort of staff and reducing working pressure.

12. Avoiding confusion and duplication and avoiding chaos in doing business at University.

13. Increasing the role and the importance of the regulatory of the control process and its provisions to carry out the work.

14. Raising staff morale/improving organizational relationships.

     15.Achieving the University's goals in the best and most efficient ways.