Strategic Plan طباعة

Yarmouk University Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020

Towards Quality, Excellence and Internationalization


Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Approach

The strategic plan of Yarmouk University was prepared according to the national plan: The center of the development of higher education, scientific research and creativity, the national strategy for higher education and scientific research, and an fulfillment of the university vision and mission.

The internal and external working conditions of the University and its environment have been reviewed and analyzed to identify the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Then, the strategic factors of the plan, the strategic goals and objectives were determined, the operational procedures necessary to achieve these goals were also identified. The gap between the goals desired to be achieved and the results of analysis of the external and internal environment was analyzed, in order to determine what is required for the process of developing the university.

The following steps have been taken in preparing the plan:

Forming a committee to prepare the strategic plan. The committee consists of the university president as a head and the membership of the vice president for academic affairs, in addition to five faculty members who are recognized for their experience, competence and knowledge in the strategic planning affairs of higher education.
Collecting data about various university affairs and analyzing the real situation of faculties, departments and centers
Analyzing the internal and external working conditions of the University and its environment, to identify weaknesses and strengths, opportunities and challenges.
Identifying the strategic plan factors
Determining the structure of the strategic plan
Agreement on the initial formulations of the University's vision, mission, goals and strategic objectives
Analyzing the gap between the goals desired to be achieved and the results of analyzing the external and internal environment.
Identify the operational activities that are necessary to achieve the strategic objectives of the university, defining its timeframe, the staff who is responsible for implementing it, and the needed resources, in addition to identifying its outputs and indicators of measuring its achievement
Presenting the plan proposal to the councils of faculties and academic departments, the Scientific Research Council and the Graduate Studies Council in order to get the feedback
Holding a series of specialized workshops on the different factors of the plan
Modifying the plan according to the received feedback and specialized workshops
Presenting the proposed plan to the responsible councils for discussion and approval
Developing a mechanism to monitor the implementation of the strategic plan periodically and regularly. A semi-annual report on the progress of implementation of the plan is to be prepared according to the planned performance indicators

Strategic Plan Team

Prof. Rifat Al-Faouri, President of Yarmouk University/ Head of Committee

Ziad Al Saad / Vice President for Academic Affairs / Vice-Chairmen

Adnan Al-Atoum / Faculty of Education / Member

Prof. Mowafaq Al Amoush / Faculty of Hijjawi for Engineering Technology / Member

Prof. Amal Nasir / Faculty of Arts / Member

Prof. Amjad Al-Nasser / Faculty of Science / Member

Islam Al-Azzam / Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences / Member

Strategic Plan axis

Establishing Faculties and Academic Programs Axis
Programs and Study Plans Axis
Scientific Research Axis
Students Axis
Quality Management Axis
Internationalization Axis
Human Resources Axis
Administrative Development Axis
Community Responsibility Axis
Financial Axis
Infrastructure Axis


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